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How Hospitals Cope with Short Staffing, and How We Help


In light of the continuing nurse shortage and the series of healthcare crises hitting the country, ASSIST 1 MEDICAL STAFFING, LLC strives to help care providers through turnkey recruitment solutions. Our healthcare agency in Waterford, Michigan, would like to address staffing concerns in hospitals, in particular.

Why? According to statistics, hospitals are still one of the go-to places for healthcare. This makes them a major area of concern for us as a provider of medical staffing in Waterford, Michigan.

Hospitals, unfortunately, are not yet prepared to meet rising demands. The American Nurses Association said the registered nurse (RN) workforce has to be 20.2% more than it is today to maintain an adequate level of care. Add to that a need for an additional 1.13 million nurses.

So, how can hospitals cope during staff shortages? Our medical staffing agency in Waterford, Michigan, offers the following recommendations:

  • Classify and prioritize assignments.Every day, a hospital receives cases of varying degrees of urgency. To keep better track of them, arrange them according to high, medium, and low priority. This makes it much easier to allocate your available nursing staff to the cases needing the most intervention first.
  • Delegate tasks fairly.You must coordinate with staff managers to provide your available staff with a fair share of the current workload. It keeps them from getting overwhelmed and reduces the risk of overwork, fatigue, and workplace injuries. All of these can demotivate nurses and result in lackluster care, which threatens patient outcomes.
  • Reduce non-essential procedures.Redirecting staff into other departments can be a good course of action. It depends on the current priorities of your facility and will require you to orient transferred staff to do their tasks properly.

Of course, hospitals don’t have to stay in a short-staffing mode for a long time. Our staffing solutions place licensed healthcare professionals in Michigan in the right positions quickly and efficiently. Call now to learn more.

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