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Difference Between BLS and CPR


We often interchange CPR and BLS, but they are quite different from each other. On one hand, CPR is one of the topics covered in BLS, but BLS is, well, the whole shebang!

To help get rid of the confusion, our Medical Staffing Agency in Waterford, Michigan is here to talk about the differences between the two:

CPR is a life-saving procedure performed on patients whose hearts have stopped beating or are at risk of drowning.

It involves breathing air into the victim’s mouth to keep oxygen flowing in their body while performing chest impressions to help keep the heart beating until the emergency response teams arrive.

It’s a skill that our Healthcare Agency in Waterford, Michigan often makes sure our staff is equipped with.

Practically anyone can learn and get certified for CPR, unlike with BLS.

BLS, on the other hand, includes CPR but involves other, higher-level, medical care that requires the training and know-how of medical professionals. It is performed on patients to help manage their injuries, illness, etc. until they get appropriate medical attention.

That is why BLS training is normally geared towards medical professionals like EMTs, CNs, and other professionals with pre-existing medical knowledge.

Our Medical Staffing in Waterford, Michigan even holds training and classes for medical professionals looking to get certified and re-certified in BLS.

There you have it! We hope we were able to clear out the confusion between the two. If you’re looking for people to conduct CPR training for your staff, feel free to contact ASSIST 1 MEDICAL STAFFING, LLC at 248-977-1314.

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